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For Irish farmers and Agri investors, farmland value matters, and so what matters to you, matters for us too

What is agricultural land valuation?

Agricultural land is an essential asset for the Irish farmers, Agri Investors and the Irish Nation. Agricultural land valuation is based primarily on the production value of the farmland and the commercial return that the land can produce based on the existing farming activity and also the potential of the farm land for a variety of alternative uses.

Farmers and investors need to have their land valued professionally from time to time. James Gallagher Independent Valuers have extensive knowledge and expertise in the valuation of different types of agricultural land throughout County Donegal. We provide professional land valuation reports for many reasons such as; equity/security release, book value, inter-family transfer, taxation purposes, stamp duty and inheritance.

We are the top-rated accredited development Land Valuers in Donegal.

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