Livestock Valuations

As livestock breeders and farmers ourselves we can offer the best valuation advice of livestock.

What is the livestock valuation?

Livestock valuation is the valuation of livestock animals such as cattle, sheep, and pigs. You may require a market valuation of your livestock at market selling value, cost, or the replacement value. Occasionally we value livestock for probate purposes and for accountancy bookkeeping purposes.

James Gallagher Independent Valuer Ltd is a market leader in the valuation of different types of livestock. We offer advice to help your livestock business thrive and help you expand into new markets. With our tailored advice and specialist knowledge, we are there to give valuations for your livestock very promptly on request.

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As highly experienced and reputable independent property valuers, we offer our valuation services on an efficient turnaround basis. Contact us today to arrange your property valuation.


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